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Jun. 21st, 2007

2010 head

Walmart is doing something that seems good...

I know people say walmart is evil. I'm on the fence about that, leaning to that they aren't evil. (After all they are doing what makes this country great...)
Anyway I read today that they are coming up with a new product that is going to be marketed to the sorts of people who use those check cashing and money loan services. At first I wanted to hate them for taking advantage of poor people like the check cashing places do. (Want to talk about evil?) But it turns out that it will save those same folks a lot of money, and hopefully help them manage their lives better. Here is a link to the story.

Its not quite as good as the business I thought should be started where they go in and pay for check cashing or money loan and part of the money that is charged as a fee (most of the fee please) is then put into an account for them that can only be used as a down payment on a house, or for retirement... If I had a ton of money and time there are many charities I would start.