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A Day in the Life of the Goddess of Stretch.

Seattle's favorite stretch fetish wear designer

Tonya Winter
29 July 1972
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PVC   Darlex   Spandex©

When someone asks for a bio the first thing I think of is that I own a clothing design and manufacture company. That is putting it mildly, it is my life! Over the years I have prided myself in making high quality clothing and fetish wear. I specialize in stretchy stuff from PVC, Spandex, Latex, and Darlex for fetish wear. My Winter Couture web page showcases Slinkyknit, and Stretch Velvet for plus size dresses and dusters. If you are a plus sized girl drop on by to voluptugoths sometime. My bondagewear products have been found at Mr. S. Leather in San Francisco since 1998.

The second thing I think of is that I have been a member of the Seattle SM community since 1993. In 1994 I began to make fetishwear for myself and friends. In 1996 I met someone who shared my love of lycra and other stretchy stuff. Over the years I have made him hundreds of items of clothing as well as bondage toys. We have played and experimented perfecting my patterns for fit, making sure that everything I offer is durable and inescapable. I was the first assistant manager at Beyond the Edge Cafe, and quit my job there in 1997 and devoted my time to my business. In 1998 I organized my first fashion show fundraiser at the cafe. From 2003 through 2008 I volunteered my time at The CSPC (the_cspc) organizing the Cirque du Noc, Seattles original winter fetish ball, fashion show/auction, and vendor fair to raise funds to buy a building. I also served on the board of directors for the CSPC and the FSPC from 2006 through 2009.

Everything in my journal is © myself or another artist. Please do not copy or reproduce any of it without permission.

Over time this journal has become more and more "filtered" or "friends locked" so anyone not on my various filters or friends lists cannot see the really juicy stuff. If you wish to read my smut filter, or my general friends locked posts you must be on that list. Feel free to request to be on them.

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