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2010 head

Haven't been here for a long while!

I see that most folks have fled, but I was wondering if there is a client that will re-post from LJ to facebook. That way I'd never have to look at facebook again! :)


I'm still here (of course, I found the post on Twitter....)
Oh, it's still porting out to twitter? That's interesting... I guess that means that my posts here will be on FB by way of Twitter.
I always hated it when people used thing that ported TO LJ that way, because comments basically went into the bitbucket, or at least were never seen by the poster.

I've been using a lot of different blogs to segregate things. LJ for personal life stuff (So that I don't post work-related stuff publicly) Twitter and FB (as Paul Mauser) just for reading other people's stuff and being funny (and a little political). mee.nu for Anime, WordPress for writing-related stuff.
oo I have no idea.
Hello! Personally, I'm glad every day that I'm no longer on FB.