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2010 head

My tweets

  • Mon, 13:56: Still not finushed moving. Sunburnt and suoer tired...
  • Mon, 16:50: When we got to the building last night at about 11:30 am people had broken in & were in the process of grabbing our stuff. What's missing?
  • Mon, 16:51: Can't tell what they got, but I did manage to recover my velvet, from the effing floor! Their response was to offer to help us move. !?!
  • Mon, 16:56: Though, 'that lady' must be the name of their crow bar since our neighbor didn't have a key to our space and damage to the door is telling.
  • Mon, 17:01: Oh man, I was saying to @nastrus that if the patterns had been taken I would have killed them all. Seems like they're all there.
  • Mon, 17:03: Really, nothing taken was irreplaceable or particularly expensive. Just not what we needed after so many hard days of moving.
  • Mon, 17:43: Sitting in the air conditioning, nursing my sun burn and day dreaming of the day I will never have to move again.
  • Mon, 18:41: Trying to relax, keep thinking of things that are likely buried in the storage unit in stead of here at the house. :/