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2010 head

My tweets

  • Mon, 17:19: Geeky fabric? Could it be that I went a little crazy buying printed cotton? Oh, yes. I can't wait to make some st... http://t.co/N1LqNGwZx4
  • Mon, 17:22: My new gravity fed steam iron arrived in the mail today too! It's like xmas over here. :D
  • Mon, 19:28: Dear universe, yes you are funny. You have a firm mastery of irony. I freely admit it, now go convince someone else please?
  • Mon, 22:24: Ok, finally heading home from a long day.
  • Mon, 22:25: Watching lost girl last night I had intense feelings of jealousy when they got a brownie. Why can't house boys/girls actually want to clean?
  • Tue, 10:00: A pretty stack of metallic mesh catsuits. http://t.co/oN3munvVOS