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2010 head

My tweets

  • Wed, 13:59: Octo shirt! @julzerator you can get the old woot shirts on demand now! http://t.co/aD7B0QROIB
  • Wed, 14:22: Listening to my 'happy' mix and completely enjoying Madeon right now. Plus, it's free day so I'm having a big chocolaty frap! :D
  • Wed, 14:30: Arkansas once again demonstrates low IQ and a backwards attitude towards women.. http://t.co/df4GkpBpvL
  • Wed, 16:56: We're showing at the Fetish Fannish Fashion show at NWC again this year. If you walked for us in previously & want to, please let us know!
  • Wed, 17:01: Just finished a pile of lace shirts to stock in our booth at #kinkfest this year. Black, pink, and red.
  • Thu, 11:45: I need one more female for my norwescon show. It would be super helpful if you were a size S or M on my size chart. http://t.co/0rGMeetibU