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2010 head

My tweets

  • Mon, 12:53: Its like xmas! My leather hides arrived. http://t.co/DD8DeSnL
  • Mon, 15:00: Big white cotton rope. You know you want to tie someone up on a railroad track with this stuff. twirls her phantom... http://t.co/scFrq9TQ
  • Mon, 16:49: OK, sounds like Sunday February 24th is the most popular time requested for the latex crafting class?
  • Mon, 17:00: Calling for Norwescon models! If you've modeled for me in previous years and would like to do so again please contact me.
  • Mon, 17:07: Or maybe that would be silly because I'll be tired from attending Bang 4 the Buck the night before. Afternoon of 3/3? Latex class.
  • Mon, 18:40: Check it out, blogger integrates with the G+ now. Since I'm about to teach a latex crafting c... http://t.co/aSj4MYtH http://t.co/LTa9riT8
  • Mon, 20:08: Figured out that it's likely that our harasser signed us up in an online yellow pages as being 'adult entertainment.' Incorrect but *shrugs*
  • Mon, 21:07: Another full set of restraints. These are to display in our new shop. http://t.co/bSn8w9Nw