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2010 head

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  • Wed, 16:47: At work, but working on the vac cube so, yay!
  • Wed, 20:57: We need a super in-shape guy with great skin and underwear model abs for a paid photoshoot. In SEATTLE. Pass the word!
  • Wed, 22:36: OK ladies, where do I find subtle flesh tone pasties?
  • Thu, 05:59: Yes, please! Teach children manners. (While you're at it teach their parents?)


re subtle flesh-tone pasties: there is a type of standard pharmacy bandage tape that can be cut to shape, as long as the areolas aren't particularly large. Alternately, I would think that skin-tone spandex could be cut to shape and stuck on with spirit gum, if all you need is a pseudo-airbrushing to be worn under a sheer.
There are also these, and similar things in department-store lingerie sections.
Thanks, turns out that Nordstrom sells several solutions. I ordered a couple. :)