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2010 head

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:13: Is it wrong to send a daily message to a lazy relative who hasn't had a job in years w/the CL ads for his area? #boomerang
  • Wed, 15:29: Bumped in to someone who graduated in my class in the clothing design program just now at the leather store. Was nice to see him. :)
  • Wed, 15:32: Would you find it surprising that I have a #Rarity theme installed in Chrome?
  • Wed, 18:31: I'm currently loving the new album Winter Kills by Josh Gabriel
  • Wed, 22:33: You can get a knock off of my LederMeister hood for less than $30! Photo looks like @clairebondage to me http://t.co/MP6FUuWo
  • Thu, 11:40: I've been suggesting this to folks for years now. Economize by sharing commercial space. http://t.co/CrjGIz3p


Ah, Spices For Love. Noted picture thief and front for Cheap Chinese knockoffs that are NOTHING like the product pictured. They regularly savage the shit out of him on Fetlife.