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Was it an actual Exoskeleton, or that one local Fraud who has been showing off this same air powered joke at SRS meetings for years? (His is notable for having hand-powered valves and two long air cylinders, one on each side.)


No idea. I didn't get to see it run. This guy has a 10k sf space in georgetown where he's building these things. Frankly I thought you might want to talk to him about work. Seems like a good thing to work on to me.

Re: Exoskeleton

If it's this guy, Monty Reed ( http://theyshallwalk.com/ ) as far as I'm concerned, he's a fraud. He's been collecting donations and such for nearly a decade and has virtually nothing to show for it. Not one other person has yet to try out his walking device. On the other hand, the concept HAS been developed elsewhere and is actually providing real patient benefits.

Re: Exoskeleton

Hmm, seems to me that a guy who had no knowledge or training in the subject has been working on this project with volunteers and donations. Maybe he could use some help from a few knowledgeable folks. In any case, he seemed pretty sincere to me. In any case, someone should build it...

Re: Exoskeleton

Yeah, he used to (And probably still does) bring his stuff around to the Seattle Robotics Society periodically, but always for self-promotion, and never for any help. His rig has essentially been unchanged since he first cobbled it together, and nobody else has ever used it. I believed him at first, but the total lack of any discernible progress, other than doing a LOT of promotion has made me skeptical.

Re: Exoskeleton

That's odd. Maybe he's figured out that he needs to ask people and invite people now.