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2010 head

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  • Wed, 12:43: I have spent a significant amount of my day yelling at people who should know better than to pull the shit they've pulled.
  • Wed, 12:49: ( Just FYI, none of those people were my employees or my partner @nastrus. )
  • Thu, 10:40: When Republicans talk about "America restored to greatness" they mean they want the 1950s back. Women don't need jobs or abortions.


Funny, I thought that "America restored to greatness" meant we had the best schools, the best manufacturing, the highest standard of living, and the most robust economy and the highest standing on the world stage.

Be careful of believing the positions put into someone's mouth by someone who hates them.Counter-examples of what Conservatives say Liberals want are just as easy to produce, and probably (hopefully) just as wrong.

One could say that Liberals are all about promoting women's rights and sexual freedom simply as a way of making it easier to get into their pants without commitment, or even paying for a dinner, and it would be just as true.