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2010 head

My tweets

  • Thu, 15:03: Ended up being able to buy 4 of the 5 sewing machines that we thought we missed while at Kinkfest plus we didn't want that 5th one!
  • Thu, 15:06: One of the sewing machines we bought is mysterious, I just don't know what it does... Hopefully something cool :)
  • Thu, 18:10: 18 models fitted, 11 to go!
  • Thu, 19:45: 21 fittings down, 10 to go!
  • Thu, 20:01: The question in my mind currently is whether or not the starbucks across the street is open. Guess I'll go find out!
  • Thu, 20:16: Nope, they closed AS I WAS CROSSING THE STREET. *pout*
  • Thu, 20:35: Who has a strong back and is willing to come to our shop to move some heavy stuff? Will pay cash!


Yay for Mystery Sewing Machine!