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Cars are eeevillll, so there won't be enough, for sure. But then people will bitch about having to take the public transportation they think would be great for everyone else. Those few who do have spaces will get the most ot of them by filling them with SUV's (Which again, they would prefer to deny to everyone else, but justify for their occasional forays to the grocery store). One person will have a Prius and be smug about it, and everyone will hate him, but the recumbant bicycle commuter will be even more of an ass.

That's my guess.

But actually, the article says: "Plans for the development call for a six-story apartment building with 250 units, 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail along Union and 10th and 11th Ave and underground parking for 180 vehicles" Which DOES sound like after you allow for some to be reserved for the retail spaces, there will probably be less than one per every two units, and they will be reserved and cost extra.

Ah, so NOT enough parking

250 units = 250 spots, retail = MORE not less... :/ If only I were queen they'd have to cut the shit.

Re: Ah, so NOT enough parking

But then you don't get to do Social Engineering and FORCE people to take the public transportation that they wouldn't otherwise use.

After all, you get Federal Tax Money for your Public transportation system, but you don't for providing adequate parking. You've lived here long enough to know how THAT works.
Yeah, people in office aren't actually concerned with what people who live in their cities actually need. Ergo, cops giving speeding and parking tickets and telling me they don't have time to track down the guy who broke in to my house or the one who rear-ended me and took off.
Just look at those four activities and see which ones result in more revenue for the State, and you'll see why some get done and some don't. It's only when a crime is bad enough that it will affect someone's re-election chances does anything get done about it, and they're already got a lot of ready excuses woven into the culture and media to avoid that as much as possible.