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  • Sat, 11:25: Hey Rush, it makes sense for us to pay for the "little people" to have contraception since your type is always fucking them


This whole controversy was manufactured, originally to target Santorum. The hearing wasn't even a real hearing, it was a staged media event so that Sandra Fluke could get her pet issue out at the right time to be politically useful (Her boyfriend is the son of a major Democrat donor). For one thing, the Insurance at Georgetown University DOES cover BC pills for medical reasons (just not for ordinary contraception), so her actual testimony was false. Second, she's an activist who specifically went there because they didn't cover it so she could protest that they don't cover it. Kinda like going to a Vegetarian Restaurant and complaining about the lack of meat. And as others have pointed out, the $3000/3 year figure is vastly inflated, considering that the generic Otho-Tricyclin pill is available without a prescription at the Target Pharmacy 3 miles from campus at $9/Month. (And it can be had for $5/Month at WalMart, where the poor shop)

Still, the whole thing was a trap and Rush stuck his foot right into it, and now those who want to get him are hanging on like pit bulls. Free Speech be damned, if they could Get Don Imus, they can get Rush. Of course, some of the things said on the other side of the Aisle about conservative women makes Rush's words pale by comparison, but that's the beauty of double-standards.

I'd be curious about what the organizers of "Slutwalk" have to say about this...