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  • Sat, 13:30: Heading to Kinkfest? I'll be there teaching folks how to make their own latex repairs at 2pm on 3/23


Just as a thought experiment...

What would it be worth to you to have a CNC fabric cutting machine? (i.e. what would you budget?) and do you know if Darlex and latex are compatible with laser cutting?

(As I said in a recent post, I've been bitten by the CNC bug, and I'm seriously researching this stuff.)
It would be huge for us to have a CNC fabric cutting machine. You should come by the shop and talk to me about it, we've had several guys say they'd help with the project and there have been a few different ideas floated by us.

Pretty sure you can cut darlex with a laser and I know you can cut latex that way.
I would want to complete a CNC Router for myself first, just to make sure I can do it before I make a commitment. It's not a cheap project. I figured out that just the precision rails for a machine to handle 4x8 sheets of plywood would run over $600. Most of these projects go several thousand, and I haven't looked into the pricing of lasers. But a few parameters to keep in the back of my head would help, like what kind of bed size would be needed.
Right, one guy who we were talking to was thinking he might be able to make us a table that uses the cutting machine we currently run by hand. I wanted you to come by and see that and also the size of our table. We could show you a few typical layouts and our current fabric spreading machine. Things like that.
I would love to sometime. I'd have to find out where the new place is.

I won't make any promises until I can keep them.
Ok, email for setting up a time to come by and an address please :)
Since I don't post it openly, my contact info is in this friends-locked post. http://mauser.livejournal.com/308831.html

Looks like I'm free this weekend.