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2010 head

Мои твиты

  • Чт, 12:38: Slippery roads this morning when I was going to and from our new space to talk to the contractors. I'm awake now~!
  • Чт, 16:07: This is the dress you wear to make it completely clear to your partner that your sex life is over. http://t.co/fTa6XPg5
  • Чт, 16:28: Someone pointed out to me that the dress is very similar to the one Leia wore. http://t.co/936lAzDR Maybe that's why @yareunot likes it. ;)
  • Чт, 18:29: Wow, finally got the flooring guy to admit he had that flooring at that price! *falls over*
  • Чт, 19:51: Stories like this make me want to put all the men in that country to sleep. I know it's my german blood... ;) http://t.co/KSHE9E33