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2010 head

New catsuit design and extended sizes.

I've been at the patterning table revamping our sizing system for our back-seamed catsuits. We went from simply offering sizes X Small - Large to a new system that not only goes up to 2x but also offers both a tall and petite size. From just 4 to 21 sizes! My hope is that folks can find a size that fits them superbly off the rack.

In addition I restyled the back seam to curve on the bottom and meet in the middle for a "saddle seat" look. This allowed me to shape the suits to cause your backside to look nice and round.

I'm also happy to finally have photos of our new PVC colors. Silver, purple, blue, and the new prismatic PVC. We've got new photos of the red and black as well. When it comes to product photos our work is never done, I just realized we don't have a photo of the white PVC up. We'll have to shoot that and the pink PVC soon. Not to mention our rainbow of spandex catsuit colors.

More colors and views at http://winterfetish.com


Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum

The silver looks amazing
Yes, I love the silver. Finally found one we could offer. (tons of bad quality silver PVC fabric out there) I can't wait to get good pics of the pink and other prismatics too. COLOR :)
Wow! The silver is fantastic and long time no see/hear :)
I know, right? :) I'm making an effort to blog again.

If you fancy some linkage, drop me a line :)

Oh yes, we would love a link of course!
Done :)
Love the pics, and the designs, too.

I wanted to tell you: the shipment arrived last week, and has provided me and my girlfriend with much pleasure. Thank you!
I love hearing that! :)
You do such pretty work.I wish I had cause to invest in some of it. [That didn't quite come out right, but it's as close as I'm getting at the moment.]
hehe thanks for the compliment I'll take it any way it comes. :)
Yeah, really, I almost forgot you HAD a livejournal!

As for me, I like the classics. The black looks great. Of course it could just be the camera angle. *grin*
That is a good shot eh ;)
link link link!