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2010 head

  • 11:40 RT @WinterFetish: Our seconds and discontinued items page has items 30-80% off of our regular prices! winterfetish.com/sale.html #
  • 15:56 I'm sewing up some cute little puffed sleeved mesh shirts for the show on Friday. #
  • 20:02 The combination of some asshole ripping my doorbell off repeatedly and my phone mysteriously not ringing is making life less workable today. #
  • 20:09 @tonyBuff Gosh, when I took that mold making class I didn't get to do anything that interesting! Although duckies are cute. ;) #


Preparations for a break-in? (Doorbell and phone?) Or just vandalism?
The cell phone would be tricky to take out I think, esp with 4 bars. It just refused to ring yesterday. Except when testing... *rolls eyes*

The door bell? Its unclear but something happened today that gave me a new theory. I think our bell works on the same freq as someone else's near by. Given that I'm having a fantasy of building a door bell button pushing machine, getting a new bell we put out of reach and having it go off all the time randomly. But then I wouldn't do that... :D