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2010 head

Free stuff

I have 6 backdrops with muslins. These are the type that hang. Two wide ones and 4 "regular" ones. One extra pole as well. First person to say they want them all and can come pick them up this weekend, gets them.


Oh, sadness, because I wanted them and could pick them up today as well.
Phoenix emailed me first, sorry!
No worries. :)
Ok, which of you can come get them ASAP? They are filling up my living room. :)
I'm at the CSPC for the forum. That gets out at 9 and I can swing by afterwards. I'd need your address again, though. My email is amber (at) clarkzoo (dot) org.
When do you get off work? Phoenix called and doesn't want them after all.
If I had only read LJ while I was at work....