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My dad just came to visit...

Dad was able to stay just a few days so we hit the ground running. We did some geo caching, went out to eat a lot, saw a movie and went on a tour of the Genie manufacturing plant. Touring the plant turned out to be way more fun than I thought it would be. It was an hour of tool and machine lust.

We worked on the bus to get it ready for burning man. Boy am I glad he came to give us a hand. There were several key hoses that were about to go, as well as the linkage from the gas pedal that was worn like 30% of the way through. Parts for the bus are hard to come by.

We also removed a bunch of seats and removed the partition. I welded on some expanded metal for the partition so we don't have to look at that ugly wood any more. Plus we can see out the back now if we want.

I still need to make or rework a bike rack, weld new hinges on the partition door, re-install the partition. Weld a loop on the main door so we can lock it securely. I may also have to weld on the trailer hitch. We're leaving Friday... woo. Oh and by the way of course there are latex items to make, and well... I never did make myself anything fun to wear to the playa.

I have to get back to work. OMG so much to do so little time. I think if I'm going to burning man next year I should start getting ready a couple weeks after I get back from this trip... ;)

Dad and I at the Genie plant 2009
Dad and I at the Genie plant 2009
My dad and I at the Genie plant.
Dad and I
Dad and I
My dad and I during his last visit.


I got home on Tuesday last year, and started planning on Thursday :)
Aw, cute dad&daughter pictures!
You both look so happy in those pictures.
We rarely get to see each other, its nice when we do. :)
Lovely pics
Hello Tonya, Hello Dad :)
You have a bus?! Hey!

Can I come see?
Sure! I'm working on it tomorrow if you wanna come by. :)
Getting to see your dad is important. I just got back from seeing mine for the first time in about a decade.