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Dear Microsoft.

Please spend the 80+ million dollars you are currently tossing at bing ads (not to mention the wasted money spent on employees to code it and maintain it) on creating an OS that is slim, secure and stable. Google has the search engine thing down, I won't be visiting your site. Please god be smart about this OS debacle. This is where your money needs to be spent.


Amen. From insiders who guarantee that IE was coded "on pot", to the 90's bloatware that they call apps/OSes, and keeping us as beta testers of 'finished' products, I'd love to see MS have some accountability for themselves again, which is only going to come from genuine competition. Lord knows it would take a strong competitor out of nowhere to rattle their cage anymore - someone who literally can't be bought to silence or inherit their product, and someone who remarkably has the funding and manpower to make a product that would be able to educate and interest the customer base into why they should switch, and endure any short term hassle by doing so. And if that group or person was out there, we'd hear about them by now. High five to Linus Torvalds, but that was only a slice of the whole pie. Granted, the Linux tweakers are having a good time in a non-MS existence, but it's not for everyone. Yet. I was MS free back when OS/2 was having a good run, pre-win '95, and even a big place like IBM can't avoid fucking up the marketing of their own product. That was the last time Bill ever got nervous - the power and potential of an OS he abandoned that IBM did a nice job with. Someone like IBM - in size and funding, could do it again and keep the MS wolves from their door. And then, the computing world would change.

Actually had a linux box that I installed linux on myself and everything back when that was sincerely non trivial. I want something a bit more in between for an OS that I can run my already purchased and expensive programs on please. :) How is linux doing now? Easier to use?
microsoft is not in the business of selling OSs. they are in the business of distributing OSs that helps to sell to corporate world profitable products like office, exchange and sql server.

that said, did you try windows 7?
Not yet, can you get a copy now?
takes a while...
don't upgrade, install a fresh copy.
Ubuntu (Linux) base is actually sold on some Dell laptops.
I doubt it will load MS apps, but there are some apps that work like MS apps.