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AIDS and I'm a horrible person.

I read today that the HIV/AIDS rate in D.C. hit 3%. That is about 15,120 people.

Washington Post article

My first thought was "stupid mother fuckers." This is why I say I'm a horrible person. You're not supposed to call people to account for their own actions if those actions cause them to become injured or ill.

But then again, I take for granted that people know that they need to use a condom, dental dam, or clean needle to avoid getting HIV/AIDS. The information seems to be everywhere. MAYBE there are folks who actually don't know you can get it that way. You get it from that. Oral sex? Yes. Het sex? Yes. Needles? Duh. :/ I mean Yes.

ANYWAY, if you are in D.C. and you fail to use a dental dam, condom or a clean needle... please be aware that it is all too likely that you will pick up the plague. Yes, AIDS is still a big deal. NO you don't want to get it. Sure, they have drugs for that now... but let me tell you something. They are NOT cheap, not a cure, not pleasant to be on. I recommend you treat all of your partners as though they are HIV positive. Really. Please keep yourself healthy.


My uncle didn't die from his HIV infection.

He died due to renal and liver failure from the toxicity of the cocktail he was on to keep his viral load down.

So no, the treatment is definitely not a picnic. It kept him alive for a long time before it killed him.
Wow. NOT sure if I totally agree with you, or think you are an utter asshole. I suspect it is the former. You know...someone pointed out that we have ribbons for breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma, etc, but not one for lung cancer - we blame victims of lung cancer for giving it to themselves, and thus feel little pity. (I think it was House from the TV show...)
I spend a LOT of time with needle drug users. It's my job. Yeah, they pay me to hang out with junkies, how cool is that? Anyway, I spend an inordinate amount of time reminding them of the Needle Exchange, which local pharmacies are really good about selling needles in small quantities with no questions asked, etc. I spend a LOT of time talking about condoms, dams, etc. Sometimes it seems like a lost cause. Though new AIDS infection is slightly down in the Seattle area right now, it is still on the rise among young gay men and needle drug users, and moreso in the population that is both of those things. Why? Because people don't believe that any of the talk is about THEM. Or they just don't care.

Yeah. Coming out on the side of "Yup. Agree with Tonya." I guess that makes me an asshole, too? I'm in good company then.
It's a symptom of a libertine culture that puts pleasure ahead of responsibility, complete with a thorough system of safety nets when that lifestyle inevitably comes back to bite you.

But then, I'd told you about my idea of mounting 12" steel spikes on the dashboard to make people drive safely, rather than removing the consequences for driving like a prick with air-bags.
I'd be all for the dashboard spikes, if only there were a way to keep the person who was NOT responsible for the accident to be unharmed. Magical dashboard spikes? ;)
Well the point (pun not intended) would be that there wouldn't even be an accident because everyone would be very very careful because of the spikes.

It's kind of like the whole "Second Amendment prevents tyranny" thing. The fact that there COULD be an armed insurrection helps prevent there ever being a need for one. Although it seems politicians have taken the boiled-frog proverb to heart on that one.

I'm not convinced that everyone is actually smart enough to be careful even in one of your spiked cars. ;)
The survivors would be. :-)
Hmm, that is a very good point.
You're not horrible for pointing out the stats and the preventate measures. If a person uses the necessary precautions and educates themself, and still manages to catch the virus, I feel badly for them.

For the other people who are ignorant, careless, or simply aware of their infection and actively infecting people, I'm hoping they'll die off already so the rate and opportunity of infection goes with them. Maybe that makes me horrible now for saying what other people think but are afraid to say. Wouldn't be the first time.
We should form a club. :D
"Stupid mother fuckers?"

Ah, if only they were just stupid. Stupidity is easily curable.

Instead, I see them as _NEGLIGENT_ mother fuckers. That is an entirely different and is actually a malicious thing.

The gay community has changed in terms of how it deals with AIDS. Gone is any notion of community responsibility nor personal accountability. Safe Sex? You gotta be kidding! Now it's all just "personal decisions" with no preference indicated. Worse, POZ folk are actually demanding special dispensation to be absolved of their continued negligence. And the gay community has given up any pretense of self-responsibility.

I've been through this before. HIV/AIDS infection rates have been increasing for many, many years now. Sadly, it's nothing new:


Oh, and one major difference between AIDS and cancer is that cancer is not a communicable disease. Even a guy puffing away on a cigarette next to you won't automatically give someone cancer. Am AIDS infected guy fucking without a condom will.


I read some of what you have on the linked page. Its a shame that condoms sometimes fail. I have personally had sex with positive people and it is a bit troubling. I'm not sure if I would choose to do so again.
I engage in safe sex and get checked at least yearly beyond that. Recently I got a job that gives me good insurance, so I've had a consistent doc. So, I went in and asked him to run the STD battery on me and he asked me if I knew about STDs and condoms and all that. I was pretty floored that he asked me at first, but then he told me that he was seeing a good share of patients who HADN'T had any sex-ed at all with the new abstinence based education that started with Bush 2. I wasn't too astonished, I mean I came from a strange home where everyone was open about sex - but I know there are some people who have had education to an extent to say, "DON'T DO IT!!!" and that's their education.

Remember ignorance is about refusing to learn, not being without any way to learn. I just got lucky with parents good enough to level with me and being old enough to have real sex ed.

I really really think we have to avoid not approaching people with an awful deadly disease without compassion. We all love sex and have a million different reasons as to why and who we have it with - so just know the stupid ignorant fucker, just for lack of one little slip some night, could be you.

My grandmother, the athiest, used to say, "But for the grace of god, there go I".
Its possible a percentage of the folks who catch it are in that boat. However I personally don't think that is an excuse. The only thing I was ever told about sex until way after it was too late was not to have it. Which is why I went down to planned parenthood and got myself an education before I did anything beyond kissing.
I personally don't think anyone needs an excuse to receive compassion as human being that just happens to be sick.

If you want to call them stupid fuckers, that's your prerogative - just remember what it makes you.
I certainly will. I have no problem with that as you can see from the title of the post. Enjoy your own attitude that makes you feel its appropriate to speak to me that way on my own LJ for everyone to see.
I don't let crap go unchecked. If AIDS is just someone's own fault, we suddenly are in a world of US and THEM. If I saw someone beating their kid I'd be just as obliged to step in and stop it.

If it's pointing fingers and being critical to point out someone's insensitivity, so be it. You post your view on LJ, you can expect a rebuttal on LJ. I know I'm just responding to someone who seems to be looking for affirmation of their insensitive views by saying I disagree.
Ok now I'm starting to thing that your mindset is part of the problem we are facing. If its not ok to call someone to account for their own actions, then how could those people possible be responsible? Its about over sensitivity really. Did I say we shouldn't educate? Certainly not. I am in your camp I think when it comes to a low opinion of what schools are doing to inform our young citizens.

In response to your example, this is a ton different than a parent choosing to beat their kid. I personally would never step in. Does that mean I condone it? No, that means that I know one should call CPS for a more long term solution. Is that saying the same thing? Yes and no. Its not apples and oranges with that and the adult people making bad choices that cause them to become positive. I'm just as critical of drunk drivers. Even the ones who think that if they don't "feel drunk" its still drunk driving. We can vilify them though because they kill children. Well, people spreading AIDS are killing people's children too, they just happen to be older and they happen to follow them to the grave.

Feel free to be all flowers and cooperation about this subject. I will continue to berate friends who tell me they had unprotected sex with someone they barely know, hand out condoms and speak up on my blog. Whatever floats your boat, in my mind we agree its an issue that needs to be addressed even if we disagree on how.
Personal responsibility.

That's all there is to it.

The folks keeping the Plague going in the gay community are not showing any degree of personal responsibility. They've rationalized their negligence to the nth degree and, sadly, the rest of the gay community is now accepting that - even though it's keeping the Plague going at pandemic levels.

Sorry, I can't condone such negligence and I can't accept it as a "personal choice" rationalization. Yes, that does mean it's Us vs Them. Perhaps had more gays taken that stance back in the early 80's then we wouldn't have lost so many of our friends, our brothers, and our lovers.