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2010 head

Buyer beware.

You may want to inquire as to the origin of your kinky wares the next time you shop. They may be being made in Pakistan by oppressed women.


The demographics mentioned on the second page are interesting....

I'm of two minds about the Oppressed part. Being a Muslim country, of course ALL women are oppressed. (Benazir Bhutto notwithstanding.) But on the other hand, compared to some countries, they are allowed to work and make money.
Ahem. Well for me that is really not enough. That the word allowed comes in to play when discussing women in their country is enough for me.
It boggles my mind how ANY woman can be a devout Muslim, but they are....

What REALLY boggles my mind is seeing erstwhile Feminists defend the Muslim oppression of women. Like This Article by Naomi Wolf, which declares that our sexual freedom is the real repression.
*snort* that reminds me of the mythbusters saying: "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
What's strange is that these are the same people who will bash Christianity at the drop of a hat, but they will drop that intellectual position without reservation to stand up for Islam.
There's nothing in the article that leads me to believe the women are oppressed any more than every Muslim woman is oppressed. Even Muslim women in the US are oppressed.
Its a shame that that is true, if I knew a product was made by US Muslim women I wouldn't buy it either. I simply won't support this practice with my dollars if I can avoid it.
I found "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Islam" to be very enlightening.
I am certain I don't understand it fully. However I am also aware enough of how it works to know that I don't approve of treating women that way.
Well, by "enlightening" I mean "appalling."
Oh! I thought you were trying to get me to "be open minded." heh
Great video on Open-mindedness: http://mauser.livejournal.com/372397.html
When it comes to toys, going to fetish events is an interesting mix of the home crafted to factory made, so it is good to know where some of those items are originating, and also the global economy of kink.

Having been born and raised in New Orleans, there was a documentary, Mardi Gras: Made In China and whether they knew their pennies a day labor was being traded for women flashing themselves in the debauchery of Fat Tuesday.

Edited at 2009-05-02 01:52 pm (UTC)
It's interesting that you posted this today. I also came across the video version of the story today http://tinyurl.com/dkrgm9. It is fascinating.

I agree whole-heartedly that Muslim women are treated very badly. But I don't think choosing to not do business with the people within Muslim countries who ARE forward thinking is the right approach to fixing the problem. These brothers (and their lead designer) are exactly the type of people who need to be successful within Pakistan in order for positive change to ever occur.

That is a good point. If the story had involved the women being "in on it" and treated positively I may have had a different reaction.
Never Mind, rebooting helped. I now blame Windows.