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Norwescon fashion show

The show is shaping up nicely! 12 solid confirmed models and 3 maybe or fitting scheduled folks so far. Plus 4 of the confirmed folks are men and one of the maybe folks is as well, which is super. :) I do still have a couple latex dresses that aren't being modeled, folks to wear them should be about the size of Teresa. (A bit smaller or larger would work.)

On another note, its hard to stay inside and work on custom orders when its so nice outside! I just want to go to the welding supply store, buy some regulators and work on a welding project today. But I'm going to be good. :P


What welding supply store do you go to? I need a welding tarp for fireplay.
The one on airport way? I forget the name... I could take you with me when I go get my regulators if you wish. :)
What are you gonna weld?
I want to make a cage / box that has slats and removable sides to keep my boy in. Something that is all metal except for the removable sides which will be wood. That way when its a box it will somewhat resemble a steamer trunk. :)

I also need to make some heavy duty tent stakes for Burning Man as well as a shade structure for the bus.
I'd offer, but I'm still booked up. At least until I lose the house.
I'm a panelist for the two goth fashion panels at the same time as the show, but I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!