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Washington State Parks - fight closures NOW!

Washington State Parks has been asked to prepare a 22.9% cut for its 2009-11 budget. This means the potential closing or transferring of up to 40 Washington State Parks.

The following is a list and map of all WA State Parks on the chopping block - includes Ft. Ebey, Ft. Casey, Larrabee, Ft. Flagler, Illahee, Millersylvania, Mount Spokane, Peace Arch, Saltwater, St. Edward, Flaming Geyser, Lake Wenatchee and many other parks with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.


The Seattle Times article about it:

What you can do:

1. Send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, succinctly, to:

Your district's state senator:

Your district's state legislator:

Governor Gregoire: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/

The Director of State Parks: rex.derr@parks.wa.gov or:
PO Box 42650 Olympia, WA 98504-2650. The main office phone number for state parks is 360-902-8500.

Please read the Park District's initiatives for 2013 and keep their goals in mind when formulating your legislative letter.


Are you willing to pay an annual state park user fee? Tell them.

Would you prefer to sacrifice spending in other areas? Tell them.

Will you volunteer your time to help maintain the parks? Tell them.

Do you prefer seasonal closures of the parks? Tell them.

Would you pay a voluntary fee, billed through driver's license renewal? Tell them.


Using a tough economy to allow them to make the excuse to turn more of the last remaining natural landscape in the world into houses and businesses? Fuck them. This is all we have, it should be protected.

They sure as fuck aren't turning the place Jean and I were married in into a fucking condo.
The worst thing is, this is probably totally unnecessary. Why is it that whenever Politicians are in danger of losing money to spend, they take the few good things they've got and put a gun to it's head and demand more taxes? I'm sure there are millions and millions of dollars in programs that were created as payoffs to political cronies that could more than make up the difference if they weren't sacredly untouchable.

These are probably the best parks too, as opposed to some land in the hinterlands the state got for nothing.
Yeah, so too bad we can't demand a copy of the budget and tell them where to cut the spending in stead.
The budget probably IS available online somewhere. But the trick is getting your representative to listen to you. Every time I've written or e-mailed a legislator, I've gotten responses that were both idiotic and condescending.