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2010 head

Tweets for the day.

Cut for those who are not interested.

  • 16:29 Following Adam from Mythbusters on twitter now. heh Geeky goodness! #
  • 16:29 Day two of being tired as hell all day long, but I will be the master of my sleep schedule soon! #
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Are they EVER going to make a new episode? My DVR has been distressingly Mythbusters Free for months.
I believe they are filming now. :)
Yay! *Does Kermit opening the Muppet show wiggle*

Did you see that video I posted a few months ago of them painting the Mona Lisa with a huge multi-barreled paintball gun?
Nope, I stopped reading LJ a while ago for some reason. Maybe I'll get back in to the habit at some point. *shrugs*