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2010 head

Lawmakers and their prejudices.

There is a new bill set forth in Washington state that may interest you. It certainly got my attention. Effectively any "adult entertainment items" would be taxed at 25%. No, that isn't a typo.

Read more about it here:

The SLOG article "The Taxman Cometh."

Seattle Times article.

Washington State Legislature site.


Good grief, that's stupid. Does he not recognize that he's infringing on free speech with his proposal to tax magazines and movies? How does he propose to tax websites? What does he define as "paraphenalia?"

It's just weird.
Seven Democrats.
Heh they must figure sales will increase during the recession and want to cash in ...
I doubt it was that well thought out. They also said in the interview that if they drove "those businesses" out of Washington it wouldn't be a loss...


Time to write letters again. I plan tell them to tax churches instead.

Re: Wow

Smashing idea.

Re: Wow

Now that's a tax policy I really can get behind!
somebody start with the Mormon Cult in my state first!
You will be happy to know that the chairman of the legislature's tax committee never even let the bill come up for a hearing. He described himself as "sympathetic" to Congressman Miloscia's intent, but his obligation to the citizens of Washington this round was to "simplify" the tax code and Miloscia's bill was going the wrong way in that regard.

Nice to know which principles of his were in full force.
Well good to shoot it down at least..