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2010 head

Thoughts on leaving the sinking ship...

liberpolly mentioned an economic freedom study (here) in a recent post and that had me curious... if the US and canada are only 7 and 8, where the heck is better and maybe I should be planning to move there. Well #1 and #2 are places I doubt I'd like to live but #3 is New Zealand and I hear its beautiful there. . . hmm Something to think about.


What countries are #1 and #2???
Hong Kong and Singapore.
Both in countries that are killing themselves, environmentally.

Singapore: 6,489 people per km^2.
Hong Kong: 6,352 people per km^2.

US: 31 people per km^2.

... I dunno about you guys, but I wouldn't want to live like that.

Yah, actually I think there are too many people HERE. lol I'm doing my part with the not having babies. Looks like folks are making up for it though unfortunately. (If only there was a law allowing only a maximum of 1 per couple... and you had to pass IQ tests. *sigh*)
ooh NZ is only 14.9... sounds good. We'll have to see how our governments shape up in the upcoming years.
I dunno... talk to _harlequin_ before deciding anything about NZ.

I think a lot of the interest there due to hype. Their PM seems to idolize Bush and wants to follow in his footsteps. Not sure what that means for their future.
Hmm, well its bound to take me a while before I'll get that serious. Plenty of time for research.
They also have ants there that make fire ants looks like pussies.
hehe I remember the fire ants... my cousins tricked me in to standing on a hill.