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2010 head

Tweets for the day.

Cut for those who are not interested.
  • 14:42 I get to use my new battery powered lawnmower! #
  • 17:15 Pretty disappointed in my new electric lawn mower. #
  • 18:53 OMFG I hate yard work. The more you do the more you realize you need to do.
    Some sort of creeping thorny vines are taking up root. WTF #
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I'm planning on coming over to do some yardwork when Jack cleans the gutters. If the vines are in the upper yard, they're probably blackberry. I pulled out some when I was working on the ivy, but doubtless didn't eradicate them.
Yah, thats what I'm afraid of. My back and neck are killing me from mowing and getting the leaves and needles off the decks. I did a little work on the vines, but had to stop. It would be super swell if you could. Bring heavy duty gloves, those fabric backed ones left my hands open for attack on the back. Youch.