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2010 head

Wow, is it possible that my next car could be made in the US?

Chevy Volt
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Re: or it could be...


Actually though, *I* can't get one at all. I'm not in southern california.
I am so excited about EVs. I am not completely sold on Lithium Ion batteries as they are not the most stable, though I have heard good things about A123s offerings.

They didn't mention that A/C motors generally out perform gasoline motors as well. More torque at low RPMs. Way more torque!! Plus A/C motors have only one moving part so there is alot less to break down and wear out.

I have always wanted to do an EV conversion, but maybe I don't have to since there will be an OEM offering. Woot!!
I thought about converting my last car... before it was rear ended anyway. I looked in to having a guy do it for me. Not a bad price actually but the trouble is that he's a couple states away so I'd either have to ship it back and forth or drive it back and forth. Lucky for me I ended up finding a sweet deal on my current baby. :)
Way more torque!

Metro drivers say that takes some getting used to with the trolley buses.
About damn time! I just hope GM can stay in business long enough to sell these. They might have the bugs worked out by the time I need to replace the Sanctimobile.
or maybe even a zapcar.
No, those are the fail. "Up to 40 mph." I can't get anywhere without going over 40 from my neighborhood.
(take 2)
Ah, bummer.