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I ordered the 1" webbing I need to finish an order for a friend LONG AGO. It is STILL not here. I'm seriously pissed, can you tell? Ok, so its stupid that I didn't notice I was out while, say, I was already waiting for the sewing machine to be fixed. But as soon as I started working on it again I noticed and called to order more. Been expecting it to arrive and working on other things. I just noticed its been weeks. So I call, and what does the girl say? They've got it on order and it hasn't shipped yet. I should point out at this time that I said I needed it right away and to ship it express. Perhaps a call to let me know it was out of stock? Hmm?

To add to the bad customer service rants, since we're here. Today I called to order more black slinky knit because I am out. I have been ordering from the same folks for something more than 6 years. Today I'm informed that there is a surcharge for using my debit card of 3.5% and that I can't pay by check without filling out an application and waiting the order etc. I'm free to wire them the money though. *sigh* How many years of being a good customer do you think it would take to get good service? Will I live that long?


I have Red 1" webbing
Yah, so do I. Of course I need black. :)
Army Surplus Store?