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2010 head

Tweets for the day.

Cut for those who are not interested.
  • 04:07 Note to self, you've been working with a rotary cutter for 12+ years now. Cutting yourself on the inside of your arm near your elbow... #
  • 23:24 Ended my last tank at 60.1mpg. So far this tank 70.1 miles at 62.2 mpg. Summer is better for mileage. #
  • 23:24 Thinking about doing that mod I found online that redirects some of the engine heat to improve it in winter. #
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Wow that is great MPG. I am only getting about 22mpg in my Mustang. I am only driving at 55mph now. This pisses off everybody as they zoom past me.

I can see a Smart Car in my future.
In california they are about to start selling a great car. Beats the pants off the smart car. 'course I'm not sure if they're going to sell them near you or not. The hydrogen car trials are in your state though.