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2010 head

Humanoid robots!

Can my cherry 2000 be that far in the future?
Seriously, real doll meets robot would be so great.


I always dug a robot with a foreign accent. The combo you speak of can't be far off. With those ultra realistic lifesized (but so far platonic) robots that are being produced now, with a bit more of mechanics and stealing the best parts of RealDoll, the boinkbot will be a reality any day now. Unaffordable to all but the most determined perverts, The mass production will soon allow the cost to come down to be a merely expensive luxury before long. And then, I'm buying a harem. Combine them with some of the conversational A.I. bots in recent years, and soon enough, you'll be able to talk to the bot out of bed, too.
Between this and the Hitachi Magic Wand (Or maybe the little rabbit) Japan is going to be into serious Negative Population Growth.
Good for them!
"This is going to be the best prom ever!"

Mauser! You are seriously behind the curve on what Japan offers its hikikimori.

This robot doll isn't going to do it for them. No, it's the guys in the links I provided above, adding voice and warmth and motion to their already soft and cuddly fuck simulators, that'll do it.
To which I can only say:

#include Douglas_Adams_Holodeck_quote.txt
Ah, well in Japan there is a certain cultural expectation for women. But then again there is one for men as well. As it is in every country. I think you have a point there, but I wouldn't sweat it too hard. At least their women are treated better than ones in some countries eh?
Since it's only something like 15" tall, I'm thinking more like the little "Persocoms" from that Chobits series I borrowed from Shaterri.