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2010 head


I'm getting ready to go to an event, so I think I'll wear my slacks and a button up shirt and tie... my slacks are way too big though they used to be too small. So I think maybe my suit will fit, nope also too big. Hey maybe that means that the tux I got that I couldn't get over my hips will fit now! Um, yah too big, but I could take it in for later. :) Dressing up is hard now though.


At least you know who to go to to get your clothes taken in. *grin*

Congratulations. Me, I'm on the verge of getting back under 220, AGAIN.
You can totally borrow some of my clothes now!
hehe true :)
WOO HOO!!! Congratulations!!

and erg on nothing fitting. Time to break out the sewing machine, it sounds like... or maybe the latex to create something lovely for yourself. :)
Perhaps you should come to the swap this time and pick up some pretties, or even just work-wear since they're too big now. But I agree with staxxy--time to make yourself something lovely!
Yup, soon as I catch up again... orders piled up while I was at Kublacon and while I wasn't sewing during Kublacon. Eep.
Yay! Looking forward to spot-checking your progress at Paradise!