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OMG its this weekend!

Tell your friends!

Fetishwear.net is celebrating its 10th anniversary on April 27th at Club Heaven with a fashion show featuring new designs in latex, pvc and spandex.

Performances by : PURE CIRKUS (www. purecirkus. com) and Sinner Saint Burlesque performer: Inga Ingenue (www.sinnersaintburlesque.com)

MCs: Monsignor and Dane Ballard

DJs: DJ Eternal Darkness and DJ Vicious.

Models to note:
Joelle Dirty
Rhonda "Audiblecell"
Ms. Deliverance
Josie Nutter

Date: April 27th Doors @7pm
Price: $10
Where: Club Heaven: 172 Washington Street, Seattle, WA


I would go, but I'll be in eastern washington. :/
hope you have fun tho!
I am still planning on making it, and taking photos for you. Of course I'll be giving you a disk for your use...
Excellent. :)

I was thinking to add to the atmosphere it would be cool to set up some photography stations after the show for doing photos of the models and maybe some show goers. Would you be interested in having one of the stations?
I would definitely be interested....difficult to get interesting photos from runway walks alone, especially for me, since I don't like to use my flash too much!
Cool, shoot me an email so we can discuss?
If you have a digital flyer I will whore it on the myspace.
You can use the image here and text?
oh was there an image? My LJ has image blockers.
I will take a look...
My work PC will not allow anything from your site to come up :(

I keep getting confused which is silly, I thought the 27th was a Saturday :) The fashion show is this Sunday right? What time should I be there to ensure not being late or too early?