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Did you miss the 10th anniversary teaser fashion show at SAKE last night? Well here is a video taken on a phone from the crowd. You don't want to miss the full event on April 27th!

Video by Balzacq

Also here is a photo of the asymmetrical red dress and the geekiest latex dress ever. :) Worn by Katie and Jess photo by Malixe.

Here is my art nouveau style dress from the show. Ms Deliverance is the model and Andraste the photographer.

Oh and here I am with Rhonda, photo by Andraste
He also captured the whole line up at the end:

A few photos by Andraste that have looks I wont be showing in the anniversary show. The teaser had some new and some old looks.


Jess, sweet fucking god...
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmm!

And it was *after the fact* that I informed about the Lube Man job. :|

Edited at 2008-04-04 10:40 pm (UTC)
who is the girl with the black hair that wore the asymetrical red dress?

I really want to take more pictures of her...
Thats Jess. She'll be in the show on April. 27th too.
Where is that one going to be?
Club Heaven. (Used to be the Catwalk.)
I missed your show. We were next elsewhere on that floor doing something else. Craig said you were there but when I came out to find you I couldn't. So I came back to the studio where our collection was showing and told him that he was lying and that you were never there. :) Just 'cuz...

It looks as though your show was a huge success!
People liked it. :) Sorry you missed it, but you can see the good stuff at the anniversary show. ;)
When you said Geeky, I was thinking the geekiest latex outfit ever would be a white catsuit with electric blue "Circuitry" all over it, ala Tron....