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Its official!

I'm going to London Sep 3rd through 15th and I'm freaking excited about it!
Before that I'm going to Kublacon as I have the past few years. I'm excited about that too!


Woot! Special occasion?
The skin 2 rubber ball. :)
Fun! ;)
I hope the weather is better then today's.

Ok... I've been in London in worse weather... but since I am in London at the moment I thought I should say something :)
If you go north to stratford, give us a yell as we'll be happy to show you around Shakespeare country :)
have a blast Tonya! And if you do go north to Stratford area, take a peek at Ettington Park Hotel - formerly an estate that was occupied by my ancestors in the 16th century. They actually KNEW Shakespeare and had some real estate transactions with him!

Oh I forgot to add that they have several ghosts....
London is one of the bestest cities in the world! If you want any hints, drop me a line. I lived there for a year and have done the tourist thing as well.

If you are serious about hitting the major sites you probably want a London Pass my mum and I got a 3-day with no transport and were able to hit pretty much everything we wanted to see.
Tonya Winter: International Woman of Mystery. Oh, behaaaave. :-)