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Long term relationships.

Last night I realized that I have been tying my friend carljparker to the same chair for 11 years. Our relationship has changed over the years in to something I have no problem feeling and experiencing but when I try to put it in words it falls a bit flat. Friends, yes of course. Play partner, yes, right. Boyfriend, no not for a long time. Lover, no not for a long time. I realized last night that I trust him more than I have trusted any other play partner over the past 8 years or so. In fact I am starting to think that I'm spoiled. I know he will communicate with me if he needs or wants anything or if something is going wrong for him. Most of the time nothing is said, but because of that trust I know things are going well. I am not good at enticing people in to letting me know what they want, nor at seducing people in to doing what I want them to do. Play just hasn't been that way for me and I feel like I am missing some basic tools because of that. For me the pleasure in play is the trust and power exchange. I have skill in many different activities and honestly doesn't much matter to me what we're doing so long as I can get that my partner is thoroughly in to it. Thats what I am in it for, not the specifics. (Though there are of course some things I just don't do.) Now to find more play partners and build that trust with them. With luck I'll find a lover / play partner because I have a few wicked ideas I haven't had the opportunity to try.


Wow...that is a really long time. I think they'd call that one a *keeper* ;)


Now I'm all curious.