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2010 head

When you get famous enough as a fashion designer...

You can apparently do whatever you please.
Click for the sideshow and forward through to #41... go on from there.





I'd pee myself laughing if I ever saw anyone actually dressed like that. Seriously.

I think #47 is my favorite: jester/bike messenger. In leather.
If you go from #1, it has a bit more narrative structure, but yeah, those last 20...
He's one of the odd boys; he and McQueen and one other I'm forgetting. The really weird thing is that he's with Dior these days.
Ack! Good thing I'm nowhere near the rarefied strata that attend these things. Hilarious and yet very frightening. Those poor boyz.....
46 is cool
I would do # 41 on the runway.
I bet some of those models were GLAD they had hoods and masks to wear with those outfits....

Does anyone actually buy or wear these outfits? Where does the money to support this stuff come from?
In Galliano's case, it comes from Dior, hence from people who are willing to spend a fsckton of money on something simply because it's Dior. While the Armageddon/zombie look is probably not saleable, you can expect to see similar coats and cargo pants on the racks in not terribly long, and definitely the underwear.
Well, I guess that's better than my vision of doddering old Fashion "queens" buying the show pieces just so they can sniff the man-stink of hot studly models off them.

Although that probably happens too.
I was paging though to 41 and thought "It gets worse than this?" and you're right, it does! I found 41 & 53 particularly compelling.