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Health update

I haven't been working out since the car accident, and it looks as though it will be that way for a while. Though I am now allowed to go do the stairmaster but only if I promise not to over do it. *rolls eyes*
The bad news is that I gained back all but 2 pounds I had lost between January and June last year. The good news is that I have lost 8 pounds over the past month and a half so I'm back down to 220. I continue to have a low appetite and am really taking advantage of that. I bought a bunch of food that I should be eating, and there isn't anything in the house that isn't a good idea. (No chips, no ice cream or other treats, no soda*, no snacks.) Though I realize that I forgot to get any little carrots which I had become used to eating late at night in stead of snacking. I haven't been feeling snacky. I know at some point that is bound to come back though so the next trip to the store will involve some more. I am enjoying the apples I bought though. When I get the sweet tooth they are super good to slice and eat. I've been thinking on getting a blender... but I had access to one for months and never did use it. However I find myself driving to jamba juice more and more so I may. I need soothing stuff for my tummy a lot lately and I used to deal with that by eating ice cream but I find that a smoothie works just as well.

The back and neck are seriously annoying lately. Since I moved I've been dealing with semi constant pain. I want to be able to do things like I used to and sometimes I think that if I'm not lifting the super heavy things and only the moderately heavy stuff that I'll be ok. This turns out to be completely untrue unfortunately. *sigh* So My house isn't arranged but there isn't anything I can do about it. However it is arranged enough that I can work, and when I have to move a roll of fabric I just do. *shrug* I can't afford to pay someone to follow me around all day and lift shit. hehe Anyway thank god for the chiro and massage because I do feel better today, although sore in a more general way as I am after getting worked over. No headache so far today at least. (They came back after the move, but have been gone for a while.)

Speaking of that I was really hoping to be able to crow about my car insurance company but they are disappointing me. I'm going to call them and call them on the carpet soon and with luck they'll cut it out and I'll be able to say nice things about them if not crow about them.

I'm most happy about being productive again. The shop is always warm enough and frankly its making more of a difference than I had even imagined. Things aren't organized yet, but its still much better.

*I figured out that I was drinking more soda than water and not enough water so I decided to give it up again.


Re: Blender Option

I may have to try the stick blender thing too, except that I use frozen blueberries in my morning smoothie, so the stick may not deal with that very well.

Tonya: frozen blueberries, lowfat plain yogurt, banana, a little peanut butter, a teaspoon of dried eggwhite, and a third cup of raw oatmeal. Maybe a little jam if you like it sweeter, but I like it a little tart. I like to blend everything together first and then stand the banana in vertically and watch it bob around and around as it gets pulled under by an imaginary shark. Makes me smile in the morning.

Re: Blender Option

I use frozen strawberries and the stick has never had any problem, so I wouldn't worry about the blueberries. I do put in the ingredients the opposite way I would with with a regular blender. That is, the softer items go in last, while the liquid and frozen go in first.

Unfortunately, I don't think the banana trick will work ;)