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2010 head

Woo am I tired!

I am excited about having my workshop back in the house again. No more cold! Movies to watch while sewing! Roll out of bed and work, work until I'm super tired and fall in to bed! Woo.... Might mean I will go out less again, like it was a bit over a year ago, but for now I do have a ton of work so it could be a good thing. I am super looking forward to getting caught up. I haven't taken new custom orders since July, yet I have 6 or so in line still. Once I have the shop reassembled I'm excited to get those handled and then work on my line for the 10th anniversary party in April. After that I think I'll be taking the advice of many of my friends and raising my custom made to order rates. Mainly to reduce the number of requests coming in and keep my work load reasonable. I'm also slowly building up stock, which I think will make life far more manageable as well. I know it will make my customers happy! :)

My dear friends deserve metals for the amount of work they did today helping me move the shop. mauser and scott_t_s ended up doing all of the heavy lifting. nickylion and hydrolagus did the last load on their own as we were at the house reassembling the sewing machines and cutting table. julzerator not only helped all day but volunteered herself to come help sort things back out this week. hydrolagus is coming back tomorrow for goodness sake.

I am sitting here watching Star Wars Episode III and thinking I may name my Insight r8 d8. r2 and r4 are named in the movie. I'm not sure though... I'm a little exhausted and stupid to be making any real decisions about anything.


Be sure to let me know if you want me around on Wednesday evening. I'll likely be working until 6-7ish.