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2010 head

Strong men sought

I need help moving on the 20th time line is noon or 12:30 depending on which place you'll be meeting us up. The lifting I need done is not trivial. I hired professionals to move in here but didn't expect to be moving this soon and also my funds are still down pretty starkly because the fraudulent charges on my bank account haven't been cleared up yet. SO I'm doing my version of the "help me move and get pizza" thing. Help me move and get food (could be pizza) alcohol (or soda) and play board games afterward if you want. Trick is though, that you must be able to lift things that are really fucking heavy. So no volunteering if you have back, knee, ankle or whatever issues.



I'll help, but some of it I won't be able to lift. But I'll help!!
Sure. :) You and I can carry boxes.
what time sunday? I am booked pretty tight this weekend, but I owe you.
OH, noon is when I'm meeting folks at my house to lead them to the shop. So I imagine we'll be at the shop around 12:30 if you want to come lend a hand that would be super.
As we discussed, the BFV is at your disposal.

'sides, it's been a while since we got together.