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2010 head

The Air Car

Now thats a great idea and it looks viable.

Thanks to rmjwell


I like this idea a lot. I can also see the day when a battery-powered electric motor could be used to compress the air.
As you drive even. Imagine how long you can go without having to recharge the battery if its a closed system!
Hmmm, a Compressor on the brakes, would be a great regenerative system. But don't forget, the laws of Thermodynamics will always eat more than you think.
The laws definitely will. I'd be surprised if someone came up with a renewable energy source that never ends without external influence. However, they are starting to come up with renewable closed system batteries (I forget what they are called, but they are in most sci-fi movies) and with those we would be able to go a lot longer without needing to recharge them.
Wouldn't matter nearly so much if we had cheap nuclear power, like they do in France and Japan.
Great idea, looks like it will be the future. Bio-diesel is great, but why run on anything when we can run on 100% pure straight out of the atmosphere air. Granted, they still need to learn to give people 300+ miles rather than their severely limited 200. Giving people that same amount of air to run on with higher powered vehicles will give them a range well under 100 miles, which is ridiculous.

The hardest part of it is managing to get the air supply integrated into our current network of gas stations. Over the last 10 years there's been this big change, gas, oil, bio-deisel, now air....over and over again. No one has come to a conclusion as to which technology is going to be the way of the future. Until any of it is solidified, no changes will occur as its no where near cost effective to convert all stations to support the technology. However air definitely looks like the best yet, even better than elecricity.