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2010 head

Tell me....

What events are happening in April that I should avoid scheduling my event on top of?


Well, I don't have much scheduled in April. What do you have in mind, if I may ask?
Looking to reschedule the 10th anniversary party.
I am good on Saturdays, except for the 4th Saturdays, which would be the 26th of April.
The event I have been chatting with you about it set for April 3ed.
Ah, good to know!
Wait, a thursday?
yep, first thursday artwalk.
I think International Ms. Leather is in April, but I'm not getting through to their website to confirm the dates.
May 1 - 4 in san francisco.
Ah, good! My budget will like me better that way. :-)
If Brian's in town, we'll be having our Spring Party on the 12th. I'll ask him if he knows about his April business travel plans.