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2010 head


People keep talking about debates. Are these real debates run by the league of women voters or are they the new travesty that has replaced them?


pure, pure travesty.
The "debates" are run by the major parties and the major media outlets. The League of Women Voters were edged out years ago when they actually wanted to let third-party and independent candidates to participate...
Yes, and they had this silly standard of having the debates be debates as opposed to little prepared speeches on pre-negotiated topics.
I wonder, though, how much of the populace would be able to process such a debate effectively any more. In a debate between Kerry and Bush for 2004, Bush responded to all questions with variations on the same three or so themes, regardless of whether or not they related to the question. The on-line buzz afterwards was about how marvelously he had stayed on message.
Ugh, yes that could be a problem. I would really prefer an IQ test be passed before people are allowed to have children.