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2010 head


There are too many candidates... and this guy? I match him most but haven't really heard of him. (That I remember.) Not a good sign.

73% Bill Richardson
67% Chris Dodd
64% Mike Gravel
63% Barack Obama
63% John Edwards
61% Hillary Clinton
57% Joe Biden
56% Dennis Kucinich
47% Rudy Giuliani
47% Mitt Romney
46% John McCain
43% Mike Huckabee
42% Tom Tancredo
41% Ron Paul
40% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


this only goes to show how precognizant I am ...

May 22 - http://ievil-spock-47i.livejournal.com/13161.html

Blame the media. Rather than treating all candidates equally, they're trying to steer public opinion. Friday I was in the home of a rather liberal couple - he used to be in the media - and they were grousing about how all the Iowa coverage was about Huckabee, and there was nothing about their favorite, Hillary. But there wasn't even so much about Obama. It was like the media was trying to sweep Hillary's third place finish under the rug*. The Media has also really been playing up McCain, who was nowhere in the news a couple of weeks ago.

*Not that how you do in Iowa means much. Almost nobody who wins Iowa goes on to the Presidency. Except Bush.
Richardson was fairly impressive in the debate last night. I think he is a long shot, but he has some sound views and really wants to end to war and deal with global warming. He is from New Mexico, and I think he might even be partly Native American. I didn't really know about him either until last night.
Honestly I have no idea.