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2010 head

Now this could really make a difference.

Hybrid work trucks!


Nice to see these on the road - I remeber seeing an old Popular Mechanics explaining the efficiency of a hydraulically driven vehicle, but the impracticality of mass production since it was so different than what was already on the road.

NPR had the president of GM on Wait, wait - Don't tell me!, and he mentioned their Volt hybrid electric car, with a range of 40 miles on electric, and a gasoline engine/generator set to provide back up. Hadn't thought much about it before, but most commuted are relatively short and in the range of electric option rather than full hydrocarbon fuel for longer distances.
About damn time! Electric motors are even better for trucks than they are for passenger cars because they have more torque at low (or high) RPMs than an internal combustion engine.

I wonder if the recent change in CAFE standards had anything to do with this development. The light truck exception to CAFE was what the car companies drove SUVs through.