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2010 head

And now for something from the who cares desk...

66 words

Touchtyping online

This silly quiz brought to you by: Its hard to work without my ipod.


Oh yeah? Well how fast can you make a pvc catsuit buster? ;)
73 words

Learn Touch Typing

Which one of us would you want to see in a pvc cat suit?
186 words per minute. But I had a wonky keyboard. ;)
Apparently we all want to see you in a pvc cat suit.
I know I want to see you in a pvc catsuit.
I've been wanting tonyawinter to make me a black spider man one.
I mean I'd like to see tonyawinter in a pvc catsuit, in case that wasn't clear. ;-)
Me?!? um.... maybe in a few pounds. ;)