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The past 6 months have been challenging...

Lets make a brief list here.
June 23rd - rear ended by a hit and run asshole in Ford Explorer. Subsequent lost work hours, pain and many dr visits.
Have a wonderful experience with the insurance company - until I get a new guy assigned to my case in Nov. who immediately tries to trick me in to settling for 1/5 of what I deserve.
(Damn it, I was looking forward to posting a glowing review of how they handled me too!.)
Move the workshop to a new larger location out of the house - that then floods 4x to date and is now super cold.
Late Nov. Early Dec. burn the shit out of my self. Still healing, painful, itchy, and gross.
My roof leaked again... in that same spot I keep getting fixed. *growl*
Dec 6th - catch one mother of a cold and loose my voice. Still not able to talk during Cirque, still recovering to date. (Though at least I can talk now...)
As a result of the cold I go to the doctor and discover that I've re-gained all the weight I managed to loose while working hard Jan - June. (All but one pound anyway.)
Dec 16th go in to the shop and work for the first time in nearly 2 weeks and discover that the "caught up" state that I had managed to nearly arrive at with standard web orders is out the window. If I weren't already in 'work my ass off to catch up' mode I'd be implementing it. (At least the custom order Q can't grow.)
Dec 16th 4:30am discover that my debit card has been compromised and there are several strange charges on my account I get to try to deal with.


Ok so I'm trying to tell myself that there are some great things about my life too. Frankly my life is still pretty great if I just stop and think about it for a minute. While I'm listing things I may as well eh?
A year ago my boy moved up here from California and continues to be wonderful, thoughtful, and supportive. Not to mention being such a great pony and fun toy.
In January my business will be 10 years old. I've been as busy as I could possibly want for the past 5 years and I'm starting to realize I can pick and choose what I work on.
Extremely slowly but surely I am building up stock in standard items that folks order. This is the key I think to having more time to play with latex.
Through frequent exposure I think I'm a bit less allergic to Charlie (ktiger totally cute cat.) He likes me too.



I think that I would trade you in a heart beat, but you are correct there are many things that weigh in for balance.

Know that there are still people out here who love you and support you in every way.

If you remember: cold is a state of mind, but can also be a state of comfort, it can be overcome. Never forget my touch. It was never empty, but everyone complained it was cold (LOL)

Keep plugging My Winter, never give up, my love and support to you --my friend!
Wow, yeah, lots of sucky stuff! And not the good kind of sucking.......

Just a heads-up though - 2007's almost over. yay.
Oh dear, you poor thing. Hope you're feeling better?

Heads-up, 2008 is going to be an action packed year (elections and all).