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2010 head

Growing fuel...

Honestly it hasn't been super pragmatic in the past but check this article out!

For those of you who don't want to go read the article here's a quote:

"...deliver approximately 33,000 gallons of algae oil per acre per year. As a comparative, food crop such as soy bean will typically produce some 48 gallons oil per acre per year and palm will produce approximately 630 gallons oil per acre per year. In addition, the Vertigro Bio Reactor System is a closed loop continuous production system that uses little water and may be built on non arable lands."

Thanks to julzerator for pointing this out.


Very cool. Alas, the link went down years ago, but there was an article out there about a process that gets oil out of damn near any organic matter by essentially pressure-cooking it. The first installation was going to be at a Turkey processing plant where all the unused bits would go through it.

I think I've also seen a variation on the system as a way of treating waste gases from a power plant as well.